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IronTree are happy to host the sale of all products from our friends at MINISTRY OF BUILDINGS.

This is a great range of 28mm wargame terrain items.


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"Ministry of Buildings" produces a range of ready painted and built historical buildings and accessories in 28mm. 

 Ministry of Buildings was set up by a war gamer with many years experience in the hobby, he realised with all of us leading busy life styles it was hard to find the time to paint figures, make scenery and actually play the games. With this in mind he decided to design and build a range of buildings that where complete and ready to use, leaving you more time to spend on the important things like painting your figures and playing the games.

  "From the box to the table" is our motto here at the Ministry. What you are actually buying is a ready painted and assembled building..oh and hours of your precious time.

Because every thing here at the Ministry is hand made and painted slight variations from featured pictures may occur.

Build time is around 2 weeks from taking your order, discounts are always available for multiple buys. 

We undertake commission work too, so if you have any specific requests please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your design needs.

All buildings are made out of either 2mm or 3mm MDF deep etched, laser cut sections, unlike some building manufacturers our fine details will not disappear after one coat of paint and a layer of varnish, we also aim to cut out thick joint points which show through roofs and walls a feature which is very predominant and annoying on some other buildings for sale at the moment, all buildings where appropriate come with removable roofs and a second storey removable floor in them.

Postage will be at actual cost once your order is ready and boxed.


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Urban Ruin RH Corner 3 storey

Urban Ruin RH Corner 3 storey£19.00

Right Hand 3 storey corner

Urban Ruin CENTRE 2 storey

Urban Ruin CENTRE 2 storey£19.00

Center Section 2 storey

Canal Section

Canal Section£13.00

length aprox 30 cm.. width aprox 21 cm





Corner Wall Section - set of 2

Corner Wall Section - set of 2£3.90

Factory / Workshop

Factory / Workshop£31.00



Girder Bridge & Ramps

Girder Bridge & Ramps£31.00

Scenery not included - bridge & ramps only

Iron Bridge & Ramps

Iron Bridge & Ramps£31.00

Scenery not included - bridge & ramps only

Jetty Sections

Jetty Sections£6.50

Jetty Sections x 3

Pontoon Section

Pontoon Section£8.50

length aprox 30 cm.. width aprox 21 cm

Road Sections

Road Sections£9.00

Road Sections - Cross Roads

Road Sections - Cross Roads£5.00

Road Sections - T Junction

Road Sections - T Junction£5.00

Ruined Terrace House

Ruined Terrace House£31.00

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Page 1 of 2:    29 Items