These metal keyrings are a great gift idea for almost anyone in your life. They are made from quality metal & are very tactile. They have space for a photo/image on one side only and are ideal for company logos, clubs and personal images. 

We use a sublimation technique for printing on our keyrings - meaning that the design is extremely durable & will NOT scratch, peel, fade or rub off during normal usage.

You will receive 1 x keyring with your design - designs will have a high gloss finish.

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Badgers Keyring

Badgers Keyring£5.00

Darth Badger Keyring

Darth Badger Keyring£5.00

Dragoneye Keyring

Dragoneye Keyring£5.00

England Flag Keyring

England Flag Keyring£5.00

Evolution Biker Keyring

Evolution Biker Keyring£5.00

Got Old Quick Keyring

Got Old Quick Keyring£5.00

Grumpy Old Cow Keyring

Grumpy Old Cow Keyring£5.00

Grumpy Old Git Keyring

Grumpy Old Git Keyring£5.00

McShocker Keyring

McShocker Keyring£5.00

Personalised Bottle Opener Keying

Personalised Bottle Opener Keying£3.50

Personalised Bottle Opener Keying

Personalised Bottle Opener Keying£2.75

Personalised Fob Keying

Personalised Fob Keying£5.00

Personalised Keying In Presentation Box

Personalised Keying In Presentation Box£5.00

Pretending To Be Mature Keyring

Pretending To Be Mature Keyring£5.00

Psycho Badger Keyring

Psycho Badger Keyring£5.00

Team Badger Keyring

Team Badger Keyring£5.00

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Page 1 of 2:    18 Items