We use a sublimation technique for printing our metal bookmarks. This gives a high gloss finish to all the designs.

Our bookmarks approx 0.5mm thick with a choice of TALL (31mm x 125mm) or RECTANGLE (51mm x 75mm) shapes

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Ace Of Spades Bookmark

Ace Of Spades Bookmark£3.00

Badgers Bookmark

Badgers Bookmark£3.00

Darth Badger Bookmark

Darth Badger Bookmark£3.00

Dragoneye Bookmark

Dragoneye Bookmark£3.00

England Flag Bookmark

England Flag Bookmark£3.00

Evolution Biker Bookmark

Evolution Biker Bookmark£3.00

Got Old Quick Bookmark

Got Old Quick Bookmark£3.00

Grumpy Old Cow Bookmark

Grumpy Old Cow Bookmark£3.00

Grumpy Old Git Bookmark

Grumpy Old Git Bookmark£3.00

Personalised Bookmark

Personalised Bookmark£3.00

Pretending To Be Mature Bookmark

Pretending To Be Mature Bookmark£3.00

Psycho Badger Bookmark

Psycho Badger Bookmark£3.00

Team Badger Bookmark

Team Badger Bookmark£3.00

Tribal Skull Bookmark

Tribal Skull Bookmark£3.00

Union Flag Bookmark

Union Flag Bookmark£3.00

Zodiac Bookmark

Zodiac Bookmark£3.00

Page 1 of 1:    16 Items